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Practice Modalities and Fees

Dr. Malik is a member in good standing of the American Psychological Association, and she is bound by the ethics and guidelines of that national organization. Additionally, Dr. Malik understands that going to a psychologist or retaining an expert in a court proceeding can be a difficult endeavor. As such, Dr. Malik will not practice outside her area of expertise, striving to ensure that when her services are retained, she can be effective in helping individuals and families.

Toward that end, Dr. Malik is likely to use the initial sessions with any client to evaluate their circumstances and the potential fit between the client and Dr. Malik’s expertise. Additionally, Dr. Malik wants to make sure that all potential clients have time to evaluate whether or not they are comfortable with her and her services, and to feel that she is a good fit as a therapist for them. Should any client or Dr. Malik determine that the fit is not what it should be, then Dr. Malik will do all that she can to help find a client a therapist that fits their needs. Ensuring fit and practicing within areas of expertise is an important ethical and professional principle that Dr. Malik adheres to in her practice of psychology.

Dr. Malik practices in many modalities, including individual child, adult, couples, and family therapy. Sessions may last from 45-55 minutes for single sessions, and with couples and families, they may be up to 90 minutes in length. Modalities of therapy are science-based, with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, and with children can include both play and talking.

While Dr. Malik is not currently accepting most insurance, she will work to help clients get reimbursed for services if possible. Fees will vary based on the services requested, and Dr. Malik is happy to discuss those issues at any time.

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